A creative team of translation and content production professionals

Traduct was established in 1985, as a group of kindred spirits among the staff of translation training in the University of Turku decided to put their knowledge in translation studies from theory into practice. Their common experience was that the business life was in dire need of translations that actually work.

Founded 1985

Traduct’s core philosophy was – and is – the functional view of translation: translating is not some theoretical linguistic exercise apart from the real world, it is rather the practical usefulness as a tool and support in corporate communication that measures the quality of translations.

In early 2000s, this premise was crystallised in Traduct’s values: expertise and partnership. We are experts in communication and consider it a matter of professional pride to never stay happy with superficial knowledge of the customer’s business and industry. The concept of partnership is a two-way street: internally it creates a firm foundation for the quality of our services, externally it supports the continuous improvement of our operations, jointly with the client.

The Traduct team continues to be passionate about powerful, effective communication — the right message and the right words in support of the customer’s brand. The story of the customer, as they themselves would tell it. The correct information in the correct terminology, as the context requires. Accurately, correctly, with style.

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