Comments on us

Communication agency Telegraafi has been using Traduct’s translation services since 2008. We have been happy with the quality of the work and reliable deadlines. We have received quick and accurate services even in tight spots, with extremely hectic deadlines. I can warmly recommend Traduct.

Managing Director Telegraafi

Traduct’s translations have been excellent right from the start, and the quality has remained consistent year after year. We have been particularly happy about the command of technical terms and skilful Finnish. Co-operation has been smooth, and we have found common ground on the deadlines flexibly as required. I can warmly recommend Traduct for your translation partner!

Marketing Manager Bridgestone

Quick and flexible translation services. The communication to us also works perfectly!

Marketing Expert Talentia

I am so impressed by your customer care and so proud to be one of your lucky clients!

Communication manager HydX Hydraulic Solutions