Information on cookies

To enhance your user experience, we use cookies to track the browsing habits on our website. This page contains general information on cookies, what we use them for and how to manage your cookies. By using this website, you accept our use of cookies.

General information on cookies

Cookies store data on the websites you visit. By using cookies we can, for instance, identify your computer or other terminal device when you revisit our website. Cookies help us to improve your user experience. Knowing your preferences enables us, for example, to personalise our advertising to suit you. For more information on cookies, visit

How we use cookies

To enhance you user experience we use cookies that differ in their purpose and duration. Temporary cookies are erased when you close your browser, persistent cookies are stored longer.

Some cookies are necessary for the technical operation and usage of the website. These do not gather information for marketing purposes.  Performance cookies are used for improving the website’s functionality by tracking which websites are the most visited and tracking for possible errors. The collected data is anonymous.

Web analytics cookies provided by Google Analytics will be transmitted to and stored on Google’s servers. For more information on Google’s privacy settings, visit

Google Analytics privacy overview

Opt out of Google Analytics tracking

We also utilize cookies provided by Facebook on our websites.

Functional cookies collect more detailed data on the user, which allows a more personalised website experience.

Third party cookies refer to a situation where you interact with social media by, for example, sharing content on our website through a social network. By clicking the icons, you accept that the chosen service may save cookies to your computer or other terminal device.

Managing and deleting cookies

Most browsers enable cookies by default. By changing the browser settings you can determine the extent to which you allow cookies to operate on your computer. You can stop the browser from using cookies and delete the existing cookies. For instructions, visit:

Please note that the use of cookies is essential to guarantee a smooth user experience on our website. Blocking or deleting cookies may hinder some functions on our website.

Modification of cookies

We may occasionally need to modify our cookie policy or make other changes regarding our cookies in order to enhance the user experience. Notifications regarding any changes made to the information presented here are always issued on our website.